Request Personalized Counting Template

Available for:
You want to speed up your counting process at your workplace, but you can’t find the right template for your items? We are here to help you by creating a Counting Template that suits your business needs.
1. Take photos of the items you want to create a Counting Template for.
Note: Make sure when you take the photo that the items
  • are in the center of the image and occupy the largest possible area of the image.
  • are directly across from the camera to minimize perspective distortions.
2. Open CountThings from Photos mobile app ➜ Go to “More”.
3. Tap “Support” from Evaluate category.
4. Choose from the support list “Request a new counting template” by tapping it.
5. Type details about the counted items you want to request a template for ➜ Attach the sample photos ➜ Tap “Send”.
Our team will work to design the counting template you requested for your businesses needs.
For more information, please contact our Support Team at
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.