Define Count Areas - Windows PCs & Tablets

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This Guide shows you how to define an area using the CountThings from Photos app.
By specifying only a portion of the image to be counted, the counting may be performed more quickly and more accurately.
Step 1 - Open Image Open an image.
Step 2 - Define Area of Interest Make sure the "Define Area" button on the left is selected.
Defining an area of interest can be done using two methods.
Method 1 Hold down the left mouse button and drag around the area containing the items you want counted.
Note: the area is automatically closed when the left mouse button is released.
Method 2 The 4 point method:
Step 3 – Refine Area You can refine the area by adding, deleting or moving handles.
Left click along an area line (the blue line) to add a handle:
Right click a handle to delete it:
Left click and drag a handle to move it:
Step 4 – Count Items Click Count.