About Us

Throughout our years of client driven custom software development, we have gained experience in providing real-world commercial applications.

Honesty, integrity, respect for individuals and a passion for delivering the best possible results are core values in our company. They are the reason why clients reward us with long term relationships as well as the opportunity to see our work revolutionize industries.

Agile Methodologies enable us to focus on the right solution, bringing down development time as well as overall cost.

What We Do

  • Custom software used or marketed by clients

    We believe that custom software solutions should be fully tailored to the client’s needs and processes. Our way of ensuring this is by working closely with the client's in-house teams, across various departments, to take the project from planning to implementation.

    With Computer Vision technologies at the core of our expertise, we have developed custom software using innovative solutions in a wide array of projects. While some clients require end-to-end solutions that include everything from user interface to back-end functionalities, others need us to create specific Computer Vision components that integrate with their existing technology.

  • Off-the-shelf apps/software branded with our "CountThings" name and targeted to businesses

    A suite of apps that automate counting as well as the entire process often associated with it. Count results are exported in an array of formats while integration with other systems or databases, either cloud based or local, is a built-in feature.

    CountThings From Photos counts a huge, ever-increasing variety of items from static images.

    CountThings From Video uses fixed cameras to count and inspect items in real time as they are passing by or from pre-recorded videos.

    We work closely with our clients, effectively becoming part of their company for the duration of the projects, working efficiently in order to take up a minimum of their time. With a passion for technology, a strive for innovation and a thorough process of understanding the client’s business model and use-case, the best possible results are achievable, and expectations are often exceeded.

Our History

2015 - Present day

We continue to deliver Computer Vision solutions for clients around the world through two business models: Custom Software Development and off-the-shelf software and applications.


Our team of engineers developed multiple innovative custom software projects for clients around the world, with a focus on Computer Vision Technologies.


We began offering Software Consulting Services to Silicon Valley based clients.


Our development of different sets of software tools and utilities helped real estate professionals improve their productivity.


Years of cutting edge
software development


Users interacting
with our software


Completed projects
Tata Steel
Cleveland Clinic
Zimmer Biomet

Examples of custom software development projects

Driving the functionality of our clients' hardware products in areas such as:

  • Bio-imaging lab equipment in the life sciences industry.
  • Metallurgical Testing Equipment that prepares, tests and analyzes material.
  • 3D dental scanning: software that includes easy to use CAD, helping dentists better reconstruct and restore teeth.

Being used in-house by our clients:

  • Large scale object recognition software for medical devices.
  • Large scale IoT image recognition systems being used in the retail market.
  • Working prototypes of major innovation technologies used in assessing product feasibility for the automotive industry.

Areas of expertise

  • Computer Vision
  • Video & Image Analysis and Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Object & Image Recognition
  • Graphics & 3D Software
  • Mobile, desktop, server or web-based applications as well as cloud based solutions.