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When using CountThings from Photos you can save the results to your device or send them to other systems through external web services or cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).
Other workflow integration features are available (database integration).
From the Main screen tap "Settings".
Then you can use the "Saving & Integration" option to control what is saved and where the results are saved.
What to Save
Original Photo
Results Image
Numbered tags showing what was counted.
Information from form fields (based the field settings in the form builder).
Static file cannot add/remove tags.
Editable Results Image
Image with tags, image can be opened by the app to add/remove/move tags.
Results Data (CSV file)
Results Data (JSON file)
JSON file that can be imported to other system.
You can decide the sections that will be included in the file.
  • Default Data (Total Count for this image, Date/Time, File Name)
  • Detection Data
    Information about each counted item.
    X,Y Coordinates of the item, some Counting Templates the size or radius of the item, the number in the tag related to this item, Confidence level.
  • Form Data
    Data entered by the user in the form (Including bar code information).
Where to Save
Photo Gallery
Device Storage
Files can be accessed using the "Files" application on iOS & Android.
To prevent the device storage space to run out you need to clean it up periodically.
Cloud Services
External Web Service
A JSON structure can be sent to your Web Service. See the "Results Data (JSON File)" above for the content of the JSON structure.
Storage Options
When saving files, the folder name where files are stored depends on data and device name.
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