Create Operators for your Enterprise Account

Applies to: All Platforms
This material will guide you through the steps of creating the operators accounts for your employees and manage the distribution of licenses.
The Enterprise Account allows you to purchase multiple licenses annually and have full access to managing the distribution of the licenses, by using the "admin" account. As a Company Admin, you can create Users, assign permissions, and move Licenses across Devices.
Contact our support team
In order for you to receive an Enterprise Account, you have to contact our Support Team through e-mail at You can request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss your company's needs.
Creating the operators
A. Log in in your Enterprise Account in our Website.
B. From the upper bar, go to Users and click + Create Users
C. Now we will create the operators:
1. Create an e-mail address for the first operator. (e.g.
2. Set the unique password for the operator.
3. Decide the Permissions for the operator’s account.
4. Click Save.
5. Continue adding multiple operators by clicking Add New Operator (e.g. we added 4 more users).
D. You can see the operators accounts in the Users screen.
Allocate the licenses between users
! It’s important to know that the users will be visible in the Devices/Licenses screen only when they will associate the Operator Account with a device, by logging in the CountThings from Photos App.
The Devices/Licenses screen has the following elements:
The Device code of the operators.
2. The license status of the operators. Licenses will be assigned automatically.
3. The e-mail address of every user, so you can identify the operators.
4. The Actions section which allows you to Assign a license, Remove a license of a specific operator or Move licenses between operators (from an operator with an assigned license to an operator without license).
For more information, please contact our Support Team at
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.