Create and Customize Forms

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The Form feature allows you to capture data related to your counted objects and export the data to a CSV file.
Your forms can include fields to capture data as a text input, options selected from a dropdown menu, automatic incremental numbering, checklists and many others. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a Form, using the fields in the Form Screen and how to use and export your Form to a CSV file.
1. Create your Form
1.1 From Home Screen, open the Settings window by clicking on the Settings icon (top right).
1.2 Click Forms.
1.3 Click + NEW FORM.
1.4 Give it a relevant name and make sure to have Show on main screen and Set as Active options enabled ➜ Click Ok. (for this example, we named the Form Products).
Your Form is created. In the next step, we will add the Form Fields relevant for the data we want to export later.
2. Form Fields
2.1 Click on +ADD FIELD button and add as many fields you need by clicking on symbol “+”.
You can choose between:
  • Values to save data using Textboxes, Dropdown lists, to check expected count result, Total count, number of images counted with Auto-Increment textbox, Volume, Diameter, date time, Expected count result and Expected value.
  • Buttons to activate/inactivate actions.
  • Radio groups and Checklist to create lists of options.
For this example, first we added a Textbox.
2.2 For every Field added, on the left side of the screen you will see the selected Field, and in the right side you will see the Settings of that field (Info, Properties, Excel export, Sync Value with).
We added more fields – Two Textboxes: we edit them to represent the Operators Name and Date; two DropdownsProduct Name (we added multiple types of products as value in dropdown) and Product Length (we added multiple lengths as values in dropdown) and a Total Count.
2.3 To change the order of the form elements, use the Up / Down arrows on the Move button.
2.4 After you have made all the needed changes to the Form, click on Save & Exit button. You will be redirected to the Settings window in Home Screen. Click Save again.
3. How to use the Form
3.1 Open the photo you want to count from using the Open Icon.
3.2 Click Count.
3.3 Open the Form Filler by clicking on the arrow button on the right side of the screen.
3.4 In the Form Filler we can change the Operators Name and the Date. Because Product name and Product Length are, in this example, dropdown fields; we can select from the values we added previously in Dropdown Settings – this way we won’t need a new Form for each type or length of product.
4. Save data in a CSV file.
4.1 Click Settings.
4.2 From the left side of the Settings window, select CSV / Export.
4.3 Check if your Form is selected.
4.4 On Form Items, click Use All.
4.5 Click on Save button.
4.6 Save your counting data by clicking Save icon (top left).
4.7 To open the saved results, click on the green Saved button.
4.8 Open the CSV file from within the results folder to check the saved data.
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