How to Create and Customize Forms

The "Create and Customize Forms" feature allows you to build forms that capture data related to counted images and export the data to a CSV file.
Your forms can include fields to capture text input, options selected from a dropdown menu, barcode data, image location data (GPS), and automatic incremental numbering.
Step 1 - Open Image From the CountThings from Photos app, open the image file.
Step 2 - Create form Open the Settings window by clicking on the Settings icon (top right). Click Forms
Step 3 - Add new form In the next window, do the following:
  1. Click on Add New Form
  2. Give a relevant name to the newly created form: Load information
Step 4 - Add, edit, remove items In the Customize Menu Window, we can add, edit or remove items that suit your needs.
  1. From the right side of the window, add items to the custom form by clicking on the plus (+) button
  2. The chosen items will be displayed on the left as text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, on/off buttons
Step 5 - Edit items Click the pen icon to edit the added item.
  1. Edit the selected items in the bottom right side of the window
  2. Rename the Textbox name: Operator Name
  3. To keep the same name with each new image, uncheck the Reset with new image checkbox
Step 6 - Order items To change the order of the form elements, use the Up / Down arrows on the Reorder button.
After you have made all the needed changes to the form, click on Save & Exit button.
Step 7 - Show / Hide form Click the arrow button on the right side of the window screen to show / hide the newly created form.
Step 8 - Count Click Count.
The count results are shown on the right. The form is automatically filled with the results, based on your criteria.
Step 9 - Export Open the Settings window by clicking on the Settings icon (top right).
  1. Click on CSV / Export on the left.
  2. To reorder items in the CSV file: select the item by clicking on its name, then use the left / right arrows to change its order
Step 10 - Save results Click Save.
Step 11 - Saved Image The results are located on your desktop in a folder named CountThingsResults.
To open the results folder, click on the green Saved button.
The results folders are structured by date: the top level folder is named by year, inside each year folder are folders by month, and inside each month folders are folders by day.
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