How to Count Grape Berries

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This Guide walks you through the steps to sort and count grape berries using the CountThings from Photos app.
Step 1 From, download and install the CountThings from Photos application for your iOS or Android device.
Step 2 Create an account or login to an existing account.
Step 3 From the Counting Templates Store, select the Grape berries Mixed sizes ID: 021 Counting Template by tapping on the plus sign. Tap Done.
Step 4 From the CountThings from Photos app, open the image file.
Step 5 Tap Count.
Step 6 Review the results
You can add, delete, or move tags.
To add tags, make sure the "Add Tags" button is selected. Tap to add tags.
To remove tags, make sure the "Delete Tags" button is selected. Tap to remove tags.
To move tags, tap and hold a tag.
Step 7 Save results.
Step 8 The results are located on your device, in the Photo Gallery.
The saved image with the results will look similar to this:
If you need help, email and send us a few images from which you would like to count.
Make sure to send images with the highest possible resolution available to you. Do not resize the image to save space.