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This Guide shows you how to set access pasword for users using the CountThings from Photos app.
This feature is useful when you have created custom settings and you do not want them changed by other users.
Step 1 - Settings Open the Settings window by clicking on the Settings icon (top right).
Step 2 - Admin Settings Click on Admin and check the Set access password for users checkbox to enable it.
Step 3 - Set Access Password For Users Enter the password and confirm it.
Click on Set Password button.
The next dialog window will confirm the password was successfully set. Click OK.
Then click on Save to close the Settings window.
Step 4 - Verify The Access Password Open the Account window by clicking on the Account icon (top right).
Click on the Log Out button.
Enter your email address and the newly created password.
Then click on the Log in button.
Notice the disabled Settings icon (top right).
To revert to your Admin role, log out and log in with your old username and password.
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