Correct Errors

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The Count Things from Photos app counts best when selecting the proper Counting Template.
The app tags each counted object with a number. In some cases, counting accuracy can slightly suffer due to certain conditions, which render a few counting mistakes (such as missing, misplaced or extra tags) that you can easily correct. Heres how to do it.
Step 1 - Count Open a photo and count it.
Step 2 - Review the Results Use the slider under the photo to adjust the zoom to see more detail.
Use the slider under the photo to adjust the zoom to see more detail.
It's very helpful to use the "Count Review," which divides the image into cells that can be reviewed one cell at a time.
For more details, see the Review large counts using grid guide.
Step 3 - Make Modifications if Necessary Make sure the "Edit Tags" button on the left side is selected.
Step 4 - Add, delete, or move tags You can correct any counting mistakes by adding, deleting, or moving tags: left click to add, right click to delete, and left press and drag to move a tag. Left click to add a tag:
Right click to delete a tag:
Left press and drag to move a tag to a new location:
Step 5 - Tag size In most cases the app will automatically recognize the size of an object. If necessary, you can adjust the "Tag Size" slider (on the left side) to make the tags smaller or bigger.
You can also toggle the "Hide Numbers" button.