How to Create and Customize Forms

Available for:
Form allows you to capture data related to counted objects and export the data to a CSV file.
Task 1. Configure the "Device Storage" and the "Cloud Services" options.
Tap "Settings" on the Main screen.
Then use the "Saving & Integration" option to configure where the results are saved.
Where to Save
On the "Device Storage", enable the "Save in Device Storage" option to use the "Folder structure" and the "Cloud services" features.
Adjust the default settings that will be used further on "What to save" and "Where to save" sections.
Storage Options
To prevent the device storage space to run out you need to clean it up periodically.
Cloud Services
Enable the Cloud Services you use.
Task 2. Create Form
Tap on Form Builder button.
Task 3. Add, edit, remove items
Tap on the Add Field button (on the bottom) and choose the needed fields.
To Edit Items, change the existing values with your relevant information.
To add more items to the form, see the Task 3 above.
To remove an item, tap on the Trash icon on the top right.
Task 4. Save the Form
After you have made all the needed changes to the form, tap on Save button (on the bottom).
Task 5. Count, Review and Save the results
Take a photo or use an existing one, and tap Count.
Review the Results
If you notice any counting mistakes, you can easily correct them by adding, deleting, or moving tags. For more details, see the Correcting Results on iOS or Android devices guide.
Save results
Tap Forms
Choose your previously created form.
Change the options that suit your counted items and tap Done.
Tap Save
Task 6. Saved Image
The photos with the counted items are located in the ResultsPhotos folder.