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Learn to use the "CountThings from Photos" app by counting X's drawn on a piece of white paper.
Count something else by changing the Counting Template to match the items you would like to count.
Select Counting Template
The Counting Template tells the app what kind of items to count.
If the "Current Counting Template" does not match the items that you would like to count, tap "Change Counting Template" and get the appropriate Counting Template.
To Count the Xs select the "Xs on White Paper" Counting Template.
If you do not see the Counting Template, tap "Counting Template Store" to get the appropriate template to your device.

Change Counting Template

To get good counting results, the Counting Template needs to match to the objects in your image.
To change the Current Counting Template
Tap the "Change Counting Template" button to see the templates available on your device.
At the "Set Active Template" screen, tap a template to select it.
The example below shows how to select the "Logs" template.
If you are trying the app to count Xs on white paper, select the "Xs on White Paper" template, not the "Logs" template.
If you do not have the Counting Template for what you would like to count, click
"Counting Template Store" and get the template you want to use. It will be downloaded to your device.
In the Counting Template Store
Find the template that best matches the items you would like to count.
The example below shows how to get the "Logs" template.
Tap "Get" to download the Counting Template to your device.
When the download is finished, tap "Next" to continue.
After completing the steps above, the "Current Counting Template" on the main page is changed and is ready for counting.
If you do not find the right Counting Templates for your needs in the Counting Template Store, email us at Support@CountThings.com and we will work with you to create a new Counting Template.
Take a photo
Tap to take the photo. The image needs to be taken from the same point-of-view (perspective) the Counting Template expects and all the items that need to be counted should be clearly visible.
After taking the photo, you’ll be directed to the "Prepare" screen.
Tap "Count" to initiate counting.
To restrict counting to a specific area of the photo, tap "Count Area" to show the menu for defining the count area. Do this before you tap "Count".

Define Count Areas

1. Define Count Area to restrict counting to a specific area of the photo
Tap "Count Area" to show the Count Area menu
Use the Count Area buttons to define areas that tell the app where to count:
Tap to turn on "Include in Count Area" mode, then draw an area around items you want to count.
Tap to turn on "Exclude from Count Area" mode, then draw an area around items you do not want to count.
You can tap the button anytime to erase count areas and start over.
Important: you can use Include, Exclude, or both to tell the app which items to count. See the examples below.
If necessary, use 2 fingers to move or zoom the photo.
2. Exclude Only (example)
Tap the button
Use 1 finger to draw an area that includes the items you do not want to count. Items in this area will be ignored.
Note that the items outside the excluded area are considered "included" and will be counted.
3. Include Only (example)
Tap the button
Use 1 finger to draw areas around items you want to count.
Items outside the included area are considered "excluded" and are not counted.
4. Include & Exclude (example)
Tap the button to add an Exclude area to the previous example.
Draw an Exclude area inside the Include area. Items in this area will not be counted.
Remember that items outside include areas are considered "excluded" and will not be counted.
Tap to count items in the defined area(s).
If you do not need to define the area and you do not need to use any of the tools available in the "Prepare" screen, you have the option to change the settings to skip this section. Go to Settings->General Settings->Workflow turn off Show "Prepare" Screen.
See more details here.
Review and Correct
Correct errors by adding, deleting, and moving tags.
Tap "Corrections" to access the "Corrections" menu.
Tap "Add Tags" to turn on the "Add Tag" mode and tap on the object you want to add a tag to.
Tap "Delete Tags" to turn on the "Delete Tag" mode and tap the tags you want to delete.
Move Tags - Drag the tag from the current position to the new position.
Use one finger to move tags. Use two fingers to zoom & pan the photo.
If the count is not correct, while the wrong results are on the screen, tap More->Wrong Results? and then "Send Image". This will send us your image along with diagnostics information that will help us identify what went wrong.
Save and Export
Tap "Save" button to save and communicate the results to other systems. To configure what to save and where to save tap Settings->Saving&Integration.
Count From Another Photo
To count from a new photo tap "Main" to navigate to the "Main" screen where you can start the process again.
To avoid returning to the Main screen for every photo you want to take, go to Settings->General Settings->Counting Tools, in the "Review Screen" section, turn on "Take New Photo" and turn off (uncheck) all the other tools.
See more details here.
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