Calculate Volume for products

Available for:
Measure the volume within a few steps by adding the length number of your item, select your desired unit and start calculating.
1. First, we will create a Form ➜ see how it is made on this guide.
2. In our case we created a Form that has one dropdown for wood Species (ex: oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, merbau etc.).
3. Click on Add Field and select the Volume.
4. Volume Settings.
Select the "Is read only" box (from Values), so that the result can't be changed while calculating.
5. Press Save & Exit.
6. Go to Home Screen.
A. Open your photo.
B. Select the species from the dropdown (ex: oak).
C. Type the right length for your product in the box and the preferred unit (we used Feet in this example).
D. Press Count.
E. Press Save and review your Volume result in the Form Filler (arrow on the right side).
7. To integrate the results in your exported CSV file:
Go to Home ScreenSettingsCSV/Export➜ Select the items you want to have in your form (from Form Items) ➜ Save.
8. Press Save to export data to your “CountThingsResults” folder.
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