Create Totals from Multiple Images

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Use the Total Count Form to add up multiple count results from different photos and export them as a CSV file.
In this guide we will present how to take as an example three photos that match the Tubes & Pipes Counting Template.
Follow the steps for a smooth counting process:
Create The Form
1. Home ScreenGo to SettingsForm BuilderTap "New Form".
2. Now give your form a relevant name and tap "Add Field"
3. Select from the list the "Total" field by tapping the "+" sign
4. Give the field a title and move onto the field optionsCheck any option you consider is needed for your counting process.

Export As CSV File
5. Home ScreenGo to SettingsSaving & IntegrationTap "Data Files" and enable "Results Data File" option.
Run The Process
6. Home Screen ➜ Select "Use existing photo" or "Take a new photo"Tap "Count" and then Save.
7. Return to Home Screen and repeat the same process as above for the other photos.
Viewing Results
8. Access your CSV file from the Files app and search for the folder named ResultsDataFileCSV.
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