Set up your Enterprise Account

Applies to: All Platforms
Creating an Enterprise Account will benefit your company by letting you purchase multiple annual licenses. As a Company Admin you can create Users, assign permissions, and move Licenses across Devices.
Steps to manage your CountThings Enterprise Account
Create a CountThings Admin Account
The Admin needs to have a valid, generic, role-based company email address, not a specific employee email address. This will be used as the Account Email.
This Account Email is used by the Admin to manage the account.
Add Users to the Account
The Admin adds Users to the account. Users IDs are in the form of email address.
The User ID can be used by the Admin to locate who is using the Licenses and where.
Best practice is to use meaningful names for the User IDs.
For example:,,,,,
Allocation of Licenses to devices
When a User installs the app on a device and logs in to the app using the User ID assigned by the Admin, a License is moved from the Pool of Unassigned Licenses to the Device.
One User can use the CountThings app in multiple Devices. Each Device needs a License.
Each Device gets a Device ID. The combination of the company Account Email and the Device ID uniquely identify the Devices.
Management of Licenses by the Admin
The Admin can:
  • Remove a License from a Device and move it to the Pool of Unassigned Licenses
  • Move License from one Device to another Device
  • Allocate License from the Pool of Unassigned Licenses to a specific Device
In normal operation, when a User logs in to a Device that does not have a License, a License will automatically move from the Pool of Unassigned Licenses to the Device without any action from the Admin.
The Admin may want to allocate a License to a specific Device when the number of Licenses in the Pool is low and the Admin wants to reserve a License to a specific Device.
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