Set up your Enterprise Account

Applies to: All Platforms
Enterprise Account is designed for companies that want to purchase multiple licenses annually. This account grants you the benefit of volume pricing, account management, permission assignments and flexible floating licensing options.
1. Choose the Enterprise Account type that fits best with your workflow
  • Standard Enterprise Account - Have full access to managing the distribution of the licenses, by using the "admin" account. The Admin of the Account is in charge of creating Users, assigning permissions, creating settings as needed, and moving Licenses across Devices.
  • Enterprise Account with Floating Licenses - In addition to the features of “Standard Enterprise Account”, with Floating Licenses the Admin doesn’t have to manually move licenses between devices. The licenses will be moved automatically by our system based on your company preferences and counting needs. Tell us about your operation workflow, so we can offer you the most appropriate strategy of moving licenses.
  • Mixed Enterprise Accounts – Combine both. For your total number of purchased licenses, you can choose to manage some of them as a Standard Enterprise Account, and the rest as an Enterprise Account with Floating Licenses.
All licenses in an Enterprise Account will have the same expiration date.
2. Contact us and request an Enterprise Account
In order to receive an Enterprise Account, contact our Support Team by e-mail at You can request a virtual meeting with our experts to access the best cost-effective licensing based on the workflow of your organization.
3. Create a CountThings Admin Account
Each type of Enterprise Account will have an Admin – the person responsible for implementing the application and ensuring its smooth operation within the company.
The Admin needs to have a valid, generic, role-based company email address, not a specific employee email address. This will be used as the Account Email.
This Email is used by the Admin to manage the Enterprise Account.
4. Add Users to the Account
The Admin creates Users for the Enterprise Account. Each User will have a unique user email and a password in order to use the app through the Enterprise Account. The Admin can set up specific permissions for each User.
Best practice is to use meaningful names for the User Email.
Continue reading about creating Users in this guide.
5. Allocation of Licenses to devices
A license is automatically assigned to a device the first time a user logs in on that device. After the initial login, the user remains logged in and the license stays with the device.
Each device is allocated a Device Code that is unique in the Account. (The combination of Account Email and Device Code uniquely identified each device).
For more information, please contact our Support Team at
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.