Counting multiple layers of objects

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Do you need to count objects such as boxes or sacks that are stacked in multiple layers, but you can only see the front side? This guide will show you how to combine automatic and manual count to get the total number of items.
Counting multiple layers of boxes:
Download the template Boxes ID:130.
Take a photo.
Count the photo automatically.
Open Corrections -> Multi-Layer to edit how many layers you have in the stack.
You can apply the Multi Increment feature by defining an area on multiple boxes that have similar number of layers.
Tap on "-" or "+" buttons to insert the number of layers for those boxes.
You can apply the Single Increment feature by tapping on each box's tag at a time and then tapping "-" or "+" buttons to confirm the number of layers for each box.
After setting up the number of layers, tap Done.
You will notice that the Count Results will be updated with the total number of boxes based on the initial detections and the number of layers set by you.
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