Count Manually with Multi-Class on mobile device

Available for:
The Multi-Class Template allows you to count manually different types of items from one photo, using only your mobile device.
1. Select the Manual Counter Multi-Class Counting Template ID: 774Tap "TAKE NEW PHOTO".
2. Give the item class a relevant name (Square Tubes) ➜ Save.
3. Tap+Add Class” and repeat the process from step 2 with all of the items.
4. After adding the classes tap „Done” ➜ The Corrections menu will open with the first added class selected and the Add tool ready to use.
Note: to add more items in the created classes, you have to open the Corrections menu and select from the topbar the class you want to add your items in.
5. Select the class of the items you want to count (eg. Rounded tubes)Tap on each item to count it.
6. Change the items class by taping on a different class (eg. Square tubes).
7. Use Manual & Area Select buttons to edit a selected class. You can add or delete tags by selecting “Add” and “Delete” tools from Tag Corrections menu.
Note: When using the Size tool, the edits will be applied to all tags without having to select a class.
8. Save the photo.
9. You can find the results in the photo gallery. The counted photo results contain the total number of the counted items and the number of items from each class.
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