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Counting Templates impact accuracy

The Counting Template tells the app what to count.

When we create Counting Templates, we use sample images to teach the app what to count.

Accuracy and speed depend on the match between the image that you count and the visual environment of the sample images.

Contact us to get Counting Templates optimized for your needs.

Best practices for getting accurate results

Position the camera so that the items you want to count:

  • are in the center of the image and occupy the largest possible area of the image.
  • are directly across from the camera to minimize perspective distortions.

In some cases, it is better to take the image from further away with a high zoom level than from close-up with a low zoom level. This minimizes distortion due to perspective.

What if the existing Counting Templates are not good enough for my use-case?

Sometimes you cannot follow best practices, or we do not have Counting Templates to fit your items.
We will work with you to create Counting Templates for your use-case.

Contact our support team.

Counting Templates

We are adding Counting Templates regularly based on our clients’ use-cases. Contact us with your counting needs.