Save results to other systems through a web service address

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With CountThings from Photos app you can send your results to other systems anywhere in the world through a web service address.
Our app comes in help when you choose to save your counting results through a web service address. Your results will have a JSON structure that can be converted or integrated to your database data or other systems.
If you don't have a Web Service Address already set up by your IT department, but you want to test this functionality, we recommend to use our sample Web Service Address:
Send results from CountThings From Photos iOS and Android apps
1. From Home Screen ➜ press Settings
2. Press Web Service Integration
3. Press +ADD CALL
4. Press the OUTBOUND option
5. Edit Call screen
  • A. Add your web service address.
  • B. From AUTHENTIFICATION, choose from None or Basic access authentication. By selecting Basic access authentication, you will set up a username and a password, which will be required when sending the data.
  • C. From WHEN TO SEND, select your preferred moment for sending the results data during the counting process. By using Automatically after pressing Save, your results will be sent when pressing the Save button in Review Screen.
  • D. From WHAT TO SEND, choose the type of information you want to send.
  • E. From SELECT FILE, choose if you want to send a specific file to the address.
  • F. Press Done.
This is how your local call should look like after being saved.
Return to Home Screen by pressing Back two times.
7. Press COUNT
8. Press SAVE
9. After you saved your counting data, it will be automatically exported to your web service address. This is how your counting result looks like when using our sample Web Service Address.
For more information, please contact our Support Team at
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.