How to integrate simple math formulas in your Form

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Mathematic formulas are designed to help you add, decrease, multiply or divide the counted result with a value established by you. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a simple mathematic formula Form and will also show you how to benefit from it in your mobile CountThings from Photos App.
For a better understanding of this feature, we will use a picture with a truck full of boxes as an example. We will multiply the counting results by 7 everytime when using this form (assuming that there are 6 more boxes behind every visible one). We used the Counting Template: Boxes ID:130.
1. From the Home Screen go to SettingsForms
2. Create a New Form and give it a relevant name (we named it Boxes)
3. Click on Add a field and select the Textbox option (now we are setting the value we want to multiply with)
4. Textbox settings:
A. Description changed to Multiply value (or any relevant name for your formula)
B. Number 7 added as Value.
(If you need a different multiply value for every photo you count, you can leave the value without any number. We will set it at step 8)
C. Select Is Numeric and deselect Reset with new image
5. Click on Add a field and select the option Textbox (now we are setting the mathematic formula - in our case: multiplying)
A. Description changed to Multiplied result (or any relevant name for your formula)
B. Deselect Reset with new image
C. Select Sync with other form items (the Add Formula Menu will appear)
6. Add formula menu
The formula we want to create is Count result x Multiply value.
➜ Select Default from the Form dropdown
➜ Select Count Result from the Item dropdown
B. ➜ Click "+" ( to add Count Result to the formula)
C. ➜ Click on the Multiply button (to add the multiplication in the formula)
➜ Select Boxes from the Form dropdown
➜ Select Multiply value from the Item dropdown
E. ➜ Click "+" ( to add the Multiply value to the formula)
F. ➜ Click on Save & Exit once you have the two Textboxes you need. You will be redirected to the home screen
7. From Home Screen ➜ Open your picture ➜ Count
8. Click on the small arrow from the right side to open the Form filler and view the Multiplied result.
! In this step you can also change the multiply value if needed.
9.To integrate the result in your exported CSV file:
SettingsCSV/ExportSelect the items you want to have in your form (from Form items) ➜ Save
10. Click Save to export data to your computer.
Because currently you can create this form feature only in the Windows version of the CountThings from Photos App, benefit from it in the mobile version, you can upload the form in your user account.
! The account you are logged in with in your Windows app must be the same with the account from your mobile app.
11. In the Windows app, return to the Form section from Home ScreenSettingsForms
12. Select the form you want to upload
13. Click on the Upload form button at the bottom of the screen
14. Open the mobile version of the CountThings App.
Go to SettingsForm builderAll formsAccount formsDownload your Form.
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