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When it comes to your business there is nothing more important than productivity, accuracy and adaptability. In order to meet all these, we have the perfect resources for you.
We understand that you probably visited this guide because you couldn’t find a counting template that fits the type of the products relevant for you.
We have the solution.
Our team is at your disposal in developing your personalized template, by working together in the process. This will help us to better understand what your company’s needs are.
Note: Don’t forget that you can always request an online meeting with our experts. We are here to offer you personalized guidance in designing the perfect tools for your company.
Help us understand your needs!
The Counting Templates are developed using a learn-by-example’ process. This process requires at least 40 sample images which we can work on. Below, you will find a list of aspects that should be considered when taking the photo:
  • Sample photos should be similar to the photos from which you would like to count.
    They must capture a group of items.
  • We need your real typical photos, not stock photos or simulations.
  • Capture your photos from a perspective/point of view where all the items you want to count are visible.
  • Provide us with samples that capture the variety of lighting conditions you expect to have when using our app.
  • Photos should be clear and of the highest resolution available on your device, without resizing them.
  • Send us the original photos, not the ones that have been already counted with our app.
After you have your 40 or more sample images, contact us by clicking here. Fill in the form, and send it to us. Shortly, you will receive an e-mail containing a Dropbox link for uploading the images.
How to use the Dropbox link?
  • Open the email received from our CountThings team.
  • Identify the Dropbox link and tap on it.
  • A new window on your browser will be opened. Tap on Add files and select the images you need to upload.
  • After the images have been selected, you will be redirected again to Dropbox. Add your name and email address and then tap Upload.
That’s it! Our team will contact you further for updates regarding your personalized Counting Template!