Batch Processing Using A GoPro Camera

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This Guide shows you how to use the CountThings from Photos app in batch processing mode by using a GoPro camera.
Go to Step A if your GoPro camera has not been previously connected to any other mobile device.
Go to Step B if you already know your camera’s Wi-Fi network name and password.
Step A - Configure your GoPro camera If your GoPro camera has not been previously connected to any other mobile device, it is likely that the camera’s Wi-Fi connection is not configured.
A1. Downloadand install GoPro (formerly Capture), the official GoPro application from the AppStore.
A2. Open the GoPro application and tap on the "Add camera" icon.
A3. Select "ADD A CAMERA".
A4. Select your camera model.
A5. Follow the on-screen instructions (these might differ, depending on the camera model).
A6. Type your GoPro camera's Wi-Fi network name and password.
A7. Connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network.
Select your camera name.
Enter your password and tap on Connect.
Now you're connected to the camera's Wi-Fi network.
Step B - Using the GoPro device with "CountThings from Photos", in the batch processing mode
B1. Open the CountThings from Photos application and go to the "Settings" screen
B2. Open the "Workflows" section.
B3. Activate the "Batch Processing" mode.
B4. Select "Use GoPro camera".
B5. Go back to the main screen, select your desired Counting Template and after, select "Start a new batch".
Your device will connect and stream information from the GoPro camera.
If the GoPro camera is turned off but the Wi-Fi connection is still enabled on the camera, the application will turn on the camera and set it into the photo mode.
After ending the batch process, the application will turn off the camera in order to preserve battery.
B6. Press the "Count" button to start the counting process.
The GoPro camera will take a picture of the scene and stream the high-resolution image to the iOS device.
The application will count the items in the image and display the results.
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