Review counted and saved photo results

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Did you know that you can review your counted and saved images by accessing the .CNT file? Our software saves the photo that has been counted in your results folder.
What is a .CNT file?
A .CNT file is a document that you can open and edit anytime, after you saved your results photo in your folder.
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For a better understanding of the process for reviewing counted and saved images, follow the next steps:
Go to More -> Settings -> Save -> What to save and enable the “Editable version of the photo with results (SavedForEdit)” option.
Open new image -> Count -> Save.
Open the SavedForEdit folder. Before beginning this process, please make sure you have the SavedForEdit folder. (use existing photos)
Double click on the .CNT file to open the photo in the app.
Review and edit the results. If you encounter difficulties with your result, check our guide for Correcting Errors.
Click Save.
Go to the SavedForEdit folder and you should see the updated results photo.
There you go.
Now that we walked you through the steps for the process of reviewing and saving your results photos, the CountThings from Photos app is easier to work with.
For more information about our CountThings from Photos app please contact our Support Team.