How to Review a Count

Review Mode can efficiently help you find counting errors and then correct them. It divides the counted image into even cells, which you can closely review one by one. We recommend using this feature especially when counting large number of items.
Step 1 - Count Open a photo and count it.
Step 2 - Activate the Review Mode To activate Review Mode, click the "Count Review" button (on the bottom of the window).
Step 3 - The Review Grid Notice the Review Grid placed over the counted items. You can left-click on any individual cell to review it.
Step 4 - The Review Cell The cell will expand on the screen, allowing you to see the tagged items better and make corrections as needed.
Step 5 - The Review Cell Navigation You can navigate through cells by clicking the left and right arrows of the expanded cell
Step 6 - Make Modifications if Necessary If you notice any counting mistakes, you can easily correct them by adding, deleting, or moving tags.
You can add, delete, or move tags: left click to add, right click to delete, and left press and drag to move a tag.
Make sure the "Edit Tags" button on the left side is selected.
Left click to add a tag:
Right click to delete a tag:
Left press and drag to move a tag to a new location:
Step 7 - The Mini-Review Panel You can keep track with the Mini-Review Panel (available on the lower right side of the screen, by default).
The cells are colored as follows:
green: already reviewed
yellow: currently reviewing
white: not yet reviewed

Note: You can also jump to a specific cell by clicking on it.
Step 8 - Exit Count Review When you are done reviewing, click the "Exit Count Review" button from the bottom of the app.
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