Change Counting Template

Available for:
The Counting Template tells the app what to count.
The Counting Template needs to match the objects from your photo, in order to get accurate results.

To change the Current Counting Template
Tap the "Change Counting Template" button to see the templates available on your device.
At the "Set Active Template" screen, tap a template to select it.
The example below shows how to select the "Logs" template.
If you are trying the app to count Xs on white paper, select the "Xs on White Paper" template, not the "Logs" template.
If you do not have the Counting Template for what you would like to count, click
"Counting Template Library" and get the template you want to use. It will be downloaded to your device.
In the Counting Template Library
Find the template that best matches the items you would like to count.
The example below shows how to get the "Logs" template.
Tap "Get" to download the Counting Template to your device.
When the download is finished, tap "Next" to continue.
After completing the steps above, the "Current Counting Template" on the main page is changed and is ready for counting.
If you do not find the right Counting Templates for your needs in the Counting Template Library, email us at and we will work with you to create a new Counting Template.