Count automatically using OPC server

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Using the OPC server in our CountThings From Photos app you can integrate the count results in the software with variables, without your intervention.
This setup works for Windows devices (both computer and tablets) and it is recommended for the following scenario:
A tray with objects is coming on the conveyor ➜ The tray is in the right position to take the photo ➜ When step 2 is done, the camera is triggered by the OPC Server ➜ Now the image is counted and the results are saved automatically to a database or back to OPC Server.
These are the steps you need to create the full setup:
1. Setup the Camera connection
  • 1.1 Go to Settings ➜ Camera.
  • 1.2 Select the type of camera you are using and enable
  • 1.3.Select the Start Camera when application startsoption.
  • 1.4 Select the Capture, Count & Save workflow.
2. Setup the OPC connection
  • 2.1 Go to Settings ➜ Integration.
  • 2.2 Select OPC Options.
  • 2.3 Press on “+” sign to add a new connection.
  • 2.4 Add the URL of your OPC server and select the endpoint.
  • 2.5 Press “Verify Connection” to make sure you are connected to your OPC server ➜ Press OK
3. Setup triggering the camera – the trigger action automizes the counting process.
  • 3.1 Go to Settings ➜ Alerts and Events.
  • 3.2 Select Events field ➜ OPC Events.
  • 3.3 Select Capture as trigger action.
  • 3.4 Enable the “Is Active” You can choose how to execute the action based on the Value Changed (use any value works when the value modifies) or the True/False Condition (the value changes when it becomes “true”)
  • 3.5 Now edit the Query
    • Select a connection from your OPC server that is the most likely to trigger the camera (we used the Boolean System)
    • Verify if you have the Read option selected and Subscribe function enabled.
    • Press Ok.
4. Read the count result with OPC
  • 4.1 To complete this action, you will work with Forms.
  • 4.2 Go to FormsCreate a textbox
  • 4.3 Textbox field settings:
    • Select “Read” and choose the variable from where the server will read the data (ex: UInt16)Press the “Read” button to see the value.
    • Press OK.
5. Write the count results with OPC server:
  • 5.1 Create an “OPC action” button ➜ Press “Select OPC Value” and repeat the steps from the Textbox field settings (both textbox field and OPC button must have the same settings in order to function).
  • 5.2 Select “Write” and choose the variable from where the server will pick the data (ex: UInt16) ➜ Select the “Default” Form and the “Count Results” Item (this is where the data will be written from).
  • 5.3 Select the “Sync with save button” so when pressing the OPC button the counted result will be directly saved in an OPC variable.
Before starting the counting process, don’t forget to SAVE the settings you made.
6. Run the process
  • 6.1 Go to the Main Screen.
  • 6.2 Verify to have your camera opened.
  • 6.3 The OPC will trigger the Capture action of the camera. Due to the setup from step 1.4 the counting and saving of the results will be done automatically.
  • 6.4 In the Form Filler (arrow on the right side of the screen) you will find the Form you created earlier ➜ The textbox will have a value and after the Capture ➜ Press “OPC action” to save the results.
  • 6.5 The counting results are saved in the CountThingsResults folder.
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You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.