Get License

You will need a paid license for each device using the app. The only exception is if you have a free trial or are using Demo Counting Templates.
Licenses are allocated to each device through an "Account Email" and "Device Code".
Companies are encouraged to use the same Account Email for all their devices. To do this, create one generic company account (e.g., instead of personal accounts (e.g. Make sure the email address is valid.
To get License(s):
Install the app on each device you would like to use.
Log in to your account or create one.
Confirm you are logged in by clicking
"Account" where you can see your
"Account Email" and
"Device Code".
Decide which license(s) you want to purchase:
Periodic Licenses: allow you to count unlimited photos at any time during the license period of one month or one year.
Monthly License: $120/month USD
Yearly License: $1200/year USD
24-Hour Licenses allow you to count unlimited photos for 24-hour periods.
24-Hour License: $24 USD
4-Pack of 24-Hour Licenses: $80 USD
10-Pack of 24-Hour Licenses: $150 USD
Click here for more detailed information on license types.
Initiate the Purchase process:
Option 1: Go to our website, log into your account and follow the steps.
This is a self-serve method, the license(s) will automatically be allocated to the device(s).
Click here for more detailed instructions on how to purchase.
Option 2: Email us at what license(s) you would like to purchase, number of devices, your contact information and we will send you an invoice.
Option 3: Within the app, click "Account" and follow the steps.
Reach out to us at for corporate inquiries.