Create Reports Using The App

Available for:
Add texts, images, data, signatures and export the report as a PDF file using the Reports section from CountThings from Photos app
When using the Reports feature, you can design your own layout, by adding various fields such as: address, company logo, title, data about the object, a picture of the counted products, a space for signing or the date of the report.
You can choose to add data from a Form, or simply create all the fields in the Reports section.
In our example, we used an already existing Form named Database, which has 4 items : SAP Material Code, Database Objects, Stock Items, Database Length.
  • Go to SettingsReportsAdd report ➜ Give it a relevant name (Ex. Counting Tubes) ➜ Ok
  • On the right side of the page you will see the Report layout and on the left side you will see your Form (ex: Database) as well as the Custom and Defaulttabs.
    From the left side we will add the information to our report: Page Header, Report Content and Page Footer.
1. Page Header
A. To add the address:
Click on CustomClick "+" to add a Text field ➜ Insert or write the address➜ Reposition (click-and-drag) and Edit the text format if needed.
B. To add the logo of your company:
From CustomImageBrowse your image ➜ Click “+” to add the image of the logo ➜ Reposition and Edit the logo image if needed.
! Every information added to the report has a Show Description option. Use the Edit button to disable it if you don't need it.
2. Report Content
A. To add a title:
From CustomClick "+"to add a Text field ➜ Write the title ➜ Reposition and Edit the text format if needed.
B. To add the information about your products:
Go to DatabaseClick "+" to add the information from your Form Reposition and Edit the text format if needed.
C. To add the image you want to count:
Go to CustomClick “+” to add Counting Image field ➜ Reposition and Edit the image if needed (you can select Draw detected objects on image to show image with circles from Edit).
D. To add the counted result:
Go to DefaultClick "+" to add Count items Field ➜ Reposition and Edit the text format if needed.
3. Page Footer
A. To add the date:
From CustomDateCustom or Use Today dateClick "+" to add the Date fieldReposition and Edit the text format if needed.
B. To add a signature space: (ex: edit text to Bold format):
From CustomClick "+" to add Text field ➜ Write Signature in the text box ➜ Reposition and Edit the text format if needed.
C. Preview the Report by clicking on Report Preview and Save it when it has the appropriate format.
4. Export to PDF
A. Add an Export Button in the Form:
From the Home Screen go to SettingsFormsDatabase Form (the Form you used in the Report) ➜ Click on ADD FIELD Click "+" to add Add Export Button.
B. Export Button Settings
From Export button Settings ➜ Click on Select Report template dropdown ➜ Choose the template for your report (ex: we will select Counting Tubesthe name of the report) ➜ Select Open result file after export ➜ Select Sync with save button ➜ Choose the Export Path option.
C. Save & Exit
D. You can also add a Print Button to your Form to print directly from the app.
Add the Print Button ➜ Select the report template ➜ Save the printer as default in your computer (make sure it's connected)
! You can edit the print settings by going to ReportsSettingsEdit format.
E. Let's run the process together. For this example, we will use the Tubes&Pipes ID:060 Counting Template, and a photo containing tubes.
Go to Home ScreenOpen your photo ➜ Press Count ➜ Open the Form Filler ➜ Press "Export".

Now your report is exported as a PDF file in your folder ➜ Press Save and we are done with our report.
This is how the Report looks in the PDF format:
! Creating a Report is currently a feature only available for the Windows App. If you want to also use it in your mobile app, you can upload it in your User Account after you create it in Windows.
1. CountThings from Photos Windows app Settings
  • From the Home Screen go to Settings ➜ Reports ➜ Upload Report.
  • From the Home Screen go to Settings ➜ Forms ➜ Select the Form you worked with for the report ➜ Upload Form.
CountThings from Photos Mobile app Settings
  • From the Home Screen go to SettingsForm BuilderAll FormsAccount FormsDownload the Form you previously uploaded.
  • Return to SettingsGeneral SettingsReports ➜ To download your report press GET ➜ The GET button will change to Settings ➜ Press Settings ➜ Set the report to Active ➜ Select Automatically after pressing Save option.
3. Determine where your report will be saved on your mobile device
  • From the Home Screen go to SettingsSaving & Integration ➜ Scroll to WHERE TO SAVE and be sure to have the Device Storage or The Cloud Services ON (depending on your preferences).
For more information, please contact our Support Team at
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.