Count Logs with the mobile app

Applies to:
When you need to count logs, change the Counting Template and within a few steps the counting process is complete.
Note: You need the right Counting Template for each type of object. The Counting Template needs to be selected once, before counting the same item multiple times.
1. To add a Counting TemplatePress on the Templates buttonType in the search bar “Logs” or ID: 066Press Get and return to Home Screen.
2. With the new Counting Template selected ➜ Use existing photo or take a new one.
3. Optional - Define Area of Interest ➜ Count only a portion of the photo by selecting Include button ➜ Hold down your finger and drag around the area.
For more details, check the following guide: Define Count Areas
4. Press Count to start the counting process.
5. Review Screen ➜ Press Corrections ➜ Use add/delete tool to modify possible counting errors. When you want to correct the results, select the add/delete button ➜ Press with your finger where you want to add missing tags or delete additional ones.
For more details, check the following guide: Correct Errors
6. Press SaveView the counting results in your photo gallery.
7. Optional- Change the saving location of your counting results ➜ Go to Settings ➜ Open Saving & Integration ➜ From Where to Save ➜ Enable the saving locations you need.
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You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.