Audit Trail Configuration

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CountThings from Photos Windows App provides the Audit Trail functionality that allows you to monitor and trace both structural and data modification.
The Audit Trail functionality is dedicated to companies where maintaining traceability of processes is essential, providing valuable support for ensuring transparency and accountability in corporate operations. This functionality offers a range of options to track changes within the application and enhance overall security within your organization.
The following guide will provide an overview of our app’s Audit Trail options.
This feature requires a paid, valid license.
Home ScreenSettings Audit Trail (from the left side of the Settings Window) ➜ Now you will see all the Audit Trail Settings options.
To Save the Activity Log
By saving the Activity Log, you can track all the actions of the operators while using CountThings from the Photos App. This includes activities such as changing the counting template, adjusting app settings, counting results, etc.
1. Check the Save activity log Our app will automatically set up two file formats for your Activity Log (PDF and/or CSV/Excel) ➜ Click Save.
Please note that the PDF report generated by the app is non editable, allowing organization to enhance the reliability of their documentation, adhere to regulatory requirements, and ensure that the data can withstand scrutiny during audits and inspections.
2. Access the Activity log files by opening Start Menuinsert C:\ProgramData\Dynamic Ventures, Inc\Counting App\CountThings\ActivityLogs ➜ Click Open.
3. Open the relevant file for you based on the date or the format.
A. This is an example of a PDF Activity Log
B. This is an example of a CSV/Excel Activity Log
To Automatically Log Out a User
You can increase security by configuring a timer that automatically logs out the application in case of prolonged inactivity. This option allows you to monitor and manage the operator's app usage duration effectively.
Check the Automatically logout box ➜ Enter the number for minutes of inactivity (e.g. 1)  ➜ Click Save.
Password Security
1. Disable Operators when they fail to login after 3 retries
When an operator attempts to enter the app’s password three times and fails, the user's email address will be disabled. Only the Admin of the Account can enable the user's email afterwards.
Check the Disable Operators when they fail to login after 3 retries box ➜ Click Save
2. Use complex account passwords
When an operator is created or when changing the password for an existing one in the Admin Account, the app will require a complex password, enhancing overall security.
Check the Use complex account passwords box ➜ Click Save
3. Enable password expiration for operators
All operator’s passwords will have an expiration date, defined in days.
Check the Enable password expiration box ➜ Enter the number of days before expiration (e.g. 90) ➜ Click Save.
Audit trail Signatures
1. Electronically sign all records documents
Every exported PDF file from the app will require an electronic signature, ensuring document authenticity. Operators will add their electronic signature, affirming ownership and reinforcing the document's integrity.
Check the Electronically sign all records documents box ➜ Click Save.
2. eSignature for Settings
By selecting this option, you authorize the app to request the Operator's eSignature when making settings changes. You have the flexibility to choose which settings require an eSignature. The eSignature consists in Email, Password, and Reason of Change.
This option is relevant when used with Save activity log. Only this way you can access the Reason of Change (the operator's reason for changing the setting).
A. Check the Save activity log.
B. Check the eSignature for Settings.
D. Select the settings that will require an eSignature (manually, by checking the boxes or using the SELECT ALL button) ➜ Click SAVE.
E. Save again in Audit Trail Settings Window.
F. Now, when an operator wants to modify a setting which require eSignature, the next Window will appear. The operator has to complete the required fields ➜ Click Ok.
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