What are Counting Templates and how to use them.

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This is why the CountThings from Photos app is designed to suit your business needs by using Counting Templates
What are Counting Templates?
The CountThings App stands out when it comes to automatically counting by using Computer Vision, an AI field (also known as Machine Learning) that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. With the help of Counting Templates, our app can automatically count a group of items by recognizing every object in your photo
Because we value the importance of accurate results, we focus our work on helping companies from a variety of work fields. We adapted the Counting Templates to different industries, such as Constructions, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and many more.
Currently, our software runs over 250 Counting Templates.
For example, if you want to count a pile of wood you would use the Counting Template for Logs and Lumber.
Easy to use!
1. Go to the CountThings from Photos app and click on Templates. This will open the Template Library.
2. You can scroll through the Template Library or use the Search box.
3. Click the Get button to download your preferred Counting Template on your device.
Note: You can try all our Counting Templates right now for free with the 7 days free trial. All you need to do is download our app here, and create an account.
For more information, please contact our Support Team at support@CountThings.com.
You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.