Unattended Automated Counting

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This Guide shows you how to automatically count items in your photos using the CountThings from Photos app, without your intervention when they are dropped into a specific folder.
For each type of object to be counted, you need to add the right Counting Template to your device.
You only need to select the Counting Template once, before counting multiple photos of the same item type.
Step 1 - Adding a Counting Template From the Template Library, select the Counting Template appropriate for the kind of items you would like to count by clicking on the plus sign. Click Done once you selected all the Counting Templates that are relevant to you.

When multiple Counting Templates for similar items are available, use the one "Recommended" first. Later you can explore other Counting Templates to identify the one that works best for your needs. For this guide, we'll use the Bars & Rebars Higher Precision ID: 037 Counting Template.
Step 2 - Check Settings Open the Settings window by clicking on the Settings icon (top right).
  1. Click on Workflow
  2. Select Automatically count from photos dropped to a specific folder option
  3. Click on Browse button to select the folder where your photos are located
Select the folder where your photos are located and click on OK.
The selected folder will be displayed in the textbox. Click on Save.
Step 3 - Count The app will begin to count the items in your photos.
Step 4 - Saved Results The results are located on your desktop in a folder named CountThingsResults.
The results folders are structured by date: the top level folder is named by year, inside each year folder are folders by month, and inside each month folders are folders by day.
The photos with the counted items are located in the ResultsPhotos folder.
Also, your counting results are saved to a CSV File.
If you need help, email Support@CountThings.com and send us a few images from which you would like to count.
Make sure to send images with the highest possible resolution available to you. Do not resize the image to save space.