Save your Counting Results

Available for:
When using CountThings from Photos you can save the results to your device or send them to other systems through external web services or cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).
Other workflow integration features are available (database integration)
To access the saving and integration settings, you have to follow the next steps:

Home Screen ➜ Settings ➜ Go to Saving & Integration

In the Saving & Integration Screen, you can see that the options are divided in 2 categories: What to Save and Where to Save.

1. What to Save
A. Input Photo
  • Save a copy of the uncounted photo
B. Results Photo
  • The Result Photo is the counted photo that contains the counting results. Open the Result Photo Screen to set up your settings for the result photo. Adjust settings such as Show Tag Numbers, Count Area, Date, Time and many more.
C. Editable Results Photo
  • Make corrections over the saved result photo. The photo can be opened anytime by the app to add/remove/move tags.
D. Data files
  • Open the Data Files Screen to configure saving your counted results to CSV or JSON
E. GPS Data
  • Include GPS location data into photo files or Forms.
2. Where to Save
A. Photo Gallery
  • Save the input and/or the result photo in your mobile Photo Gallery.
B. Device Storage
  • Save results (data and photos) to local file storage. Open the Device Storage Screen to Manage Files or Clean up Disk Space.
C. Cloud Services
  • Upload your counted data automatically in multiple Cloud Services, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or in your company's SMB server. Adjust your preferred setting by opening the Cloud Services Screen.
D. Basic Outbound Web Service
  • Open the Basic Outbound Web Service Screen to connect CountThings App to any system through a web service and be able to send data to it.
E. Root Folder Name
  • Change the Root Folder Name if needed.
F. Folder Structure
  • Categorize your folder structure by day, month, or year.
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