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Basic Functionality

iOS & Android Devices
Learn our app iOS & Android
Define Count Areas iOS & Android
Change Counting Template iOS & Android
What if results are not 100% accurate iOS & Android
Correct Errors iOS & Android
Windows PC's & Tablets
Learn our app Windows
Define Count Areas Windows
Correct Errors Windows

Licensing & Accounts

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Advanced Features

iOS & Android Devices
Integrate With Workflow iOS & Android
Batch Processing Using A GoPro Camera iOS
Web Service Integration iOS & Android
Create and customize forms iOS & Android
Windows PC's & Tablets
Database Integration - Simple
Database Integration - Advanced
Customize forms with Database Integration
Unattended Automated Counting
Access Password For Users Windows
Create Reports Using The App Windows
Create and customize forms
Send Emails Using The App Windows
Review large counts using grid
Integration with sensors

Industry Examples

iOS & Android Devices
Counting with Pipes in Pipes ID:466
Counting multiple layers of objects
Count Houses on Google Maps iOS & Android
Count Tubes and Pipes iOS & Android
Count Logs iOS & Android
Count Long Steel iOS & Android
Count Manually iOS & Android
Count Metal Sheets iOS & Android
Windows PC's & Tablets
Counting with Pipes in Pipes ID:466 Windows
Count Houses on Google Maps Windows
Count Livestock Windows
Count Tubes and Pipes Windows
Sort and Count Grape Berries by Size Windows
Count Logs Windows
Count Long Steel Windows
Count Manually Windows
Count Metal Sheets Windows