Learn how to use the CountThings from Photos app

Basic Functionality

Learn our app Windows
Learn our app iOS & Android
Define Count Areas Windows
Define Count Areas iOS & Android
Change Counting Template iOS & Android
What if results are not 100% accurate iOS & Android
Correct Errors Windows
Correct Errors iOS & Android

Licensing & Accounts

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Advanced Features

Database Integration - Simple
Database Integration - Advanced
Customize forms with Database Integration
Unattended Automated Counting
Integrate With Workflow iOS & Android
Batch Processing Using A GoPro Camera iOS
Access Password For Users Windows
Create Reports Using The App Windows
API Integration iOS & Android
Create and customize forms
Create and customize forms iOS & Android
Send Emails Using The App Windows
Review large counts using grid

Industry Examples

Count Houses on Google Maps Windows
Count Houses on Google Maps iOS & Android
Count Livestock Windows
Count Tubes and Pipes Windows
Count Tubes and Pipes iOS & Android
Sort and Count Grape Berries by Size Windows
Count Logs Windows
Count Logs iOS & Android
Count Long Steel Windows
Count Long Steel iOS & Android
Count Manually Windows
Count Manually iOS & Android
Count Metal Sheets Windows
Count Metal Sheets iOS & Android