Count Tubes and Pipes

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This Guide walks you through the steps of how to count tubes and pipes using the CountThings from Photos app.
For each type of object to be counted, you need to add the right Counting Template to your device. You only need to select the Counting Template once, before counting multiple photos of the same type of items.
1. Get the Counting Template
A. From Home Screen ➜ tap the Templates button.
B. Select the Counting Template appropriate for the kind of tubes and pipes you want to count by tapping on the GET button.
In our example we will use Tubes & Pipes (ID:060)
Please note that you can search for the right Counting Template by scrolling through the Templates Library or by using the search bar.
2. Open your Photo
After tapping Get, you will return to Home Screen. Here you have two options to open your photo:
A. You can USE EXISTING PHOTO. By using this option, you will select a photo to be counted from your device gallery.
B. You can TAKE NEW PHOTO to make a photo of the items you want to count on the spot.
3. OPTIONAL: Define Count Area
Sometimes the photo you take may contain other stacks or noise in the background. For more accuracy, you can use our Area Tool to define your counting area.
A. Tap Area.
B. Make sure you have the INCLUDE button selected.
C. Hold down your finger and draw the area around the object you want to be counted.
For more details, visit Define Count Area guide.
A. Tap Count.
B. Review the results and see the total on the top of the screen.
5. OPTIONAL: make corrections if necessary
If you notice any counting errors, you can easily correct them by adding, deleting, or moving tags.
A. Add tags:
Corrections ➜ From Tag Corrections select AddTap the location where you want to add a tag.
B. Remove tags:
Corrections ➜ From Tag Corrections select DeleteTap the tag you want to remove.
C. Move tags:
To move tags, drag the tag to a new location using your finger.
Note: To Zoom in / out or move / pan the image you need to use 2 fingers.
6. Save Results
A. Tap SAVE.
B. This is how your saved result image should look like.
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