Counting Templates

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The Counting Template helps the counting process by telling the app what type of object to count. In order to work and get accurate results, the Counting Template needs to match the object from your photo.
The Counting Templates tell the CountThings from Photos app what objects to count. You can find the Counting Templates in the Template Library from the upper right corner of the Home Screen.
In the Templates Library, you can scroll through the templates to find the one that matches your items you want to count or you can use the search bar to type the template name or the ID number.
After you download the right template for the object you want to count, open the photo, press Count, and then save the photo in the CountThingsResults folder.
If you want to change the actual Counting Template with a different one, check our guide for Change Counting Template.
Note: Create an CountThings from Photos account to benefit of our 7-day free trial and count with any Counting Template.
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