Using "Volume Feature" in mobile app Forms

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This material will guide you through the process of creating the Volume feature in a Form. With CountThings from Photos App, there’s no need to manually calculate the diameter and the total volume of your stack.
For a better understanding of this feature, we will divide the process in 2 steps: Creating the Volume Form and Use of the Form.
Step 1: Creating the Volume Form
1. Open the app and go to SettingsForm Builder
2. Now we will create the Volume Form
  • A. If it's your first Form created in the mobile app
    Press Add Field, scroll and select the Volume option ➜ Save
  • B. If you already have other forms created in the app

    Press All FormsNew Form Add field ➜ scroll and select the Volume option ➜ Save

In both cases, you will create the same Volume field. This field works by automatically using the volume formula Based on Length & Diameter and the unit we are working with (in this example, Meters).
Note: You can change the Volume Formula or the Volume Unit by going to Settings.
Step 2: Use of the Form
In order to use the Volume Form we have created, we need to determine the diameter of our products. For this example, we will use a picture with logs.
1. Follow the instruction presented in "Measure the diameter for logs automatically" guide.
2. Once you can see the diameter of your products, press Forms.
3. Fill out forms ➜ Press on Length ➜ Insert the length of your products (e.g.: 4 M)
Under the Length section you will be able to see, in red, the volume of the products from your photo.
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