Segurança FAQ

Learn how our counting solution is in line with your company’s security policies.

Do I need to open an account to use the app?

Yes. You need a valid email address and a strong password to gain access to all the features of our apps.

Do I need an internet connection to count?

No. If you are logged in and you have an active license, the app does not require an internet connection. All the processing is done on the device

Is any data collected from the app?

We collect crash reports and limited usage statistics, which can be disabled in the settings. We do not collect any personal information.

How can I manage the users and devices within my organization?

You can log in with your root account to our web portal. There, you will be able to create admin & operator accounts for districts, locations, and even specific people who manage and use your devices and licenses.

Can I restrict users' permissions to specific features?

Yes. You can customize the permissions of each user or group of users based on their roles.

Do I have an option to create an audit trail?

Yes. You can activate an activity audit trail (logging) in the setting.

Can a user get stopped from modifying the saved results and data?

Yes. We have the option to prevent unauthorized changing of the saved data.

Can I get an overview of CountThing's architecture?

Sure. Our licensing servers are running on the AWS infrastructure, and our app runs on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. We encrypt all our data in transit, and the passwords are cryptographically hashed in our private databases.

How do CountThings ensure that each new version is safe?

All our testing is done internally, and we use manual and automated testing following our documented processes.

Do you have a contingency plan in case of emergencies? (e.g. data corruption, natural disasters)

We periodically do full backups in multiple locations.

What is your privacy policy?

Check our Privacy Policy.

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