Create Totals from Multiple Images

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By using the Total Count feature in a Form you can count from multiple photos and automatically add up all the results.
You can also export your Total Count in a CSV file on your Android device.
In this guide we will present how to take as an example three photos that match the Tubes & Pipes Counting Template.
Creating the Total Count Form
1. Home Screen ➜ Settings ➜ Form Builder ➜ All Forms ➜ New Form

2. Add field Scroll and select Total Count option field by tapping the "+" sign Add relevant description Save
!You cannot save the Form without adding a description to your Form.
Saving settings
3. Home Screen Settings Saving & Integration Data Files Enable the Results Data File (CSV File) option
Use the Total Count Form
4. Home Screen ➜ Use existing photo or Take new photo ➜ Count ➜ Save
5. Return to Home ScreenUse existing photo or Take new photoCountSave
6. Repeat the process with the photos you want to count from.
7. You can access your CSV file from Device StorageDocumentsResultDataFilesCSV ➜ The last saved CSV file
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