Count using the Pipes in Pipes Counting Template

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Count and verify each pipe size in particular, reclassify pipes according to their size, and save the count results in your gallery by using our “Pipes in Pipes” Counting Template.
Note: Corrections may be required due to the complexity of the “Pipes in Pipes” template.
Here are the steps for the “Pipes in Pipes” guide:
1. Home ScreenChange the current Counting Template to "Pipes in Pipes" (ID: 466, ver:019)
2. Tap the “Take New Photo” button and take a photo with the pipes you are working with.
3. Select the right size (ex: 75 mm, 110 mm, 180 mm, 250 mm) for the pipes from your list. You can also add the expected quantity (this is optional).
If you choose to add an expected quantity, you can compare it with the count result from each pipe size.
4. In the Prepare Screen ➜ tap "COUNT".

Now that the pipes are counted, let’s explore the tools from the Review Screen :
5. Go to "Edit Pipes" to see all the sizes and their colors.
A. First let’s get you familiar with the tools you will be working with:
1. Bar Size.
2. Counted pipes and expected quantity box.
3. Tag Selection section
4. Tag Corrections section.
B. To check if each size was counted correctly ➜ tap on one size at a time (you can compare them with the expected quantity).
C. To switch to a different pipe size, we will take the following example:
  • If one "110 mm"; pipe size was counted as one "180 mm" pipe, you can change that by using the “Tag Selection” section.
  • Select the "180 mm" size ➜ tap "Manual" selectionselect the right pipe ➜ tap the "110 mm"
  • If you have more pipes that were tagged with a different size, use the "Area" selection to make the same change as above, to multiple pipes at once.
D. If you notice that a pipe (ex: size 75 mm) wasn't counted, you can use the "Add" from "Tag Corrections" (this applies when deleting a tag too).
6. Tap "SAVE" and you will find the final count results in your photo gallery.
CountThings from photos app saves a result photo for every pipe size you counted.
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