Correct Errors

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You can correct counting errors by adding, deleting and moving tags.
The Count Things from Photos app counts best when selecting the proper Counting Template.
The app tags each counted object with a number. In some cases, counting accuracy can slightly suffer due to certain conditions, which render a few counting mistakes (such as missing, misplaced or extra tags) that you can easily correct.
We will exemplify how to use the Correct Errors Tool by counting from a picture with more stacks of rebars. In this specific case it’s expected to have errors due to the multitude of products in the background, unless we define a specific counting area.
You can learn how to define your counting area here.
1. Open the photo you want to count from.
2. Click Count. (Please note that before counting, we have selected the proper Counting Template, which in our case is Bars & Rebars)
3. From the left side of the Screen, scroll down to see all the available options for corrections.
4. When Correcting Errors, we have two methods we can choose to use:
A. Edit Tags: Switch on the toggle of Edit Tags to add, delete or move tags in the counted photo, one by one.
  • Left click to add a tag:
  • Right click to delete a tag:
  • Left click and hold to drag and move a tag to a new location:
B. Multi-select: Switch on the toggle of Edit Tags and Multi-select to create an area that selects all the tags inside it, by holding down the left mouse button. After the area is created, you can:
  • Delete all the selected tags by pressing the Delete button from your keyboard.
5. From Adjust, you can:
  • Tag Size: In most cases the app will automatically recognize the size of an object. If necessary, you can adjust the "Tag Size" slider (on the left side) to make the tags smaller or bigger.
  • Change the counting sensitivity if needed.
  • Switch off the "Show numbers" toggle to hide them.
  • Switch on the Diameter toggle to see the diameter of your counted items.
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