Save Results in CSV Format

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By following this guide, you will learn how to save your counting results or the additional data from the Forms to a CSV/Excel format
1. From Home ScreenSettings
2. Tap Saving & Integration
3. From WHAT TO SAVE ➜ tap Data Files
4. Switch on the toggle for your preferred CSV Format (e.g. we chose Single Result Format because we want to export only one csv file with all our results from a defined period, in our case from one day) ➜ tap Back
5. If you want to store your counting data locally
A. From WHERE TO SAVEDevice Storage
B. Switch on the toggle from Save in Device Storage
6.If you want to store your counting data in Cloud
A. From WHERE TO SAVECloud Services
B. Switch on the toggle from theservice you want to use (e.g. Google Drive)
7. You can change the Folder Structure. As mentioned at point 4, if you choose Single Result Format for your CSV, you will automatically export all your counting data from a defined period of time. In this step you can set the period of time.
A. From WHERE TO SAVEFolder Structure
B. Tap to select the preferred structure (e.g. Day)
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