Comprar Licenças

Aplicável para: Todas as plataformas
You can purchase license with corporate orders and pay with Wire, ACH, Check, or pay with Credit Card for self-serve payment.
We offer daily, monthly, and yearly licenses, as well as cost-effective floating licenses optimized for your organization’s needs. For more information about the type of licenses and their prices take a look at our “Pricing for CountThings from Photos app” guide.
Contact us at for corporate orders and for volume pricing quotes.
You may qualify for an "Enterprise Account" if you need many licenses. This account type enables your Company Admin to manage users, set permissions, and move licenses between devices.
Opting for the "Enterprise Account with Floating Licenses" means licenses can be auto-assigned even without any Admin action.
We identify devices for license allocation based on “Account Email” and “Device Code". Follow this guide to find your “Account Email” and “Device Code”.
Multiple devices can log in to a single account, we assign each device its own unique Device Code.
Below are the instructions for paying online using the self-serve method.
Use this method only if you buy a small number of licenses.
Purchase License using the Self-Serve Method
1. Go to our website
2. Log in using the e-mail address of your CountThings Account.
3. Once you are logged in, click on the Purchase License button from the top menu. Select the type of license you want to purchase. Press Next to continue.
4. Select the device(s) you want to purchase license(s) for. Press Next to continue.

If you want to buy licenses for multiple devices, all of them must be logged in with the generic company account in the app.

5. Choose if you want the license(s) to be renewed automatically (this option is available only when using Stripe in the purchase process).
Press Next to continue.
6. Check the Order summary with your chosen license(s) and device(s). Press Next to continue.
7. You can choose between 2 payment methods:
7.1 Pay with Credit Card through Stripe
7.2 Pay with PayPal
8. Open your CountThings from Photos app, go to Account and verify the license allocation and the expiration date.
This is how your active license should look like on the mobile app.
This is how your active license should look like on the Windows app.
Para obter mais informações, entre em contato com nossa equipe de suporte em
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