Request personalized counting template

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You want to speed up your counting process at your workplace, but you can’t find the right template for your items? We are here to help you by creating a Counting Template that suits your business needs.
1. Take photos of the items you want to create a Counting Template for.
Note: Make sure when you take the photo that the items
  • are in the center of the image and occupy the largest possible area of the image.
  • are directly across from the camera to minimize perspective distortions.
2. Open the CountThings from Photos app on your computer.
3. From Home ScreenPress "Templates" and the Templates Library will open.
4. Scroll all the way down to the end of the page ➜ Press the "REQUEST TEMPLATE"
5. In the Support window ➜ Select from the list "Request a new counting template"Type the details of your counted items ➜ Attach some photos with the counted items ➜ Press "Send".
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