Introduction & Setup

Aprenda a usar nosso app

This guide walks you through using the CountThings from Photos mobile app for the first time.

What are Counting Templates

What are Counting Templates and how to use them.

Trocar Modelo de Contagem

Accuracy depends on using the right Counting Template for your images. This guide shows you how to choose a Counting Template.

Report Wrong Results

Guide for correcting inaccurate results.

Log Files on Mobile App

Learn how to find the log files if an error occurs while using CountThings from Photos.

Counting Basics

Save your Counting Results

Save results to your device or send them to other systems through external web services or cloud services.

Definir Área de Contagem - Mobile devices

Restrict counting to a specific area of the photo.

Corrigindo Erros

Correct errors by adding, deleting, and moving tags.

Specialized Tools

Count With Barcodes

Learn how to use all the app functionalities for barcodes.

Count Multiple Layers of Objects

Learn how to count from a photo with multiple objects that are placed one before another

Manual Counting

Learn how to count items using the Manual Counter template on your mobile device.

Count Manually with Multi-Class on mobile device

Learn how to count manually different types of items on your mobile device.

Measure Diameter for Logs Automatically

Guide for measuring logs diameter.

Measure Diameter for Logs using LiDAR – iOS

This will guide you through the steps of how to use the Logs Measurement Template to determine the diameter of logs and their count.

Volume Feature

Creating the Volume feature in a Form.

Create and Customize Forms

Create and use Forms to capture data related to counted objects and export it to a CSV file.

Import a Report Design on the Mobile App

Learn how to import and use a Report design on the mobile app.

Save Results in CSV Format

Learn how to save counting results in CSV format.

Saving Counting Results in the Cloud

Save your counting results (images and files with results) in the Cloud using services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Save Results to Other Systems – Web Service

Send your counting results to other systems anywhere in the world through a web service address using CountThings from Photos App.

Save results on Server Message Block - Android

CountThings from Photos App allows you to save the counting results in an SMB folder, making collaboration and file sharing more efficient.

Web Service Integration

Learn how to import data and connect to any system through web service integration.

Create Totals from Multiple Images

Learn how to add up multiple results using the Total Form.

Create Totals from Multiple Images

Create Total Forms using CountThings from Photos App. Count from multiple photos and automatically add up all the results.

Licensing & Accounts

Create Account and Reset Password

Learn how to create an account for the CountThings from Photos app.

Comprar Licenças

This guide gives you more details about the available license types and how to obtain them.

Set up your Enterprise Account

Learn about Enterprise Accounts and access cost-effective licensing for your company.

Manage your Enterprise Account

Learn how effectively manage your CountThings Enterprise Account.

Create Users/Operators for your Enterprise Account

Learn how to create Users/Operators for your Enterprise Account for a better management of licenses.

Remote License Allocation

Your License will be allocated remotely by our support team for payments such as ACH, Check and International Wire.

Find Account Email & Device Code

Learn how to find the device code of your CountThings from Photos account.

Pricing for “CountThings from Photos” app

Explanation of the available types of licenses and their prices.

Use the App without a Paid License

CountThings from Photos App allows you to use the app without a paid license.

Industry Examples