Count with “Pipes in pipes” Counting Template

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Count, switch pipe sizes, add pipes and save the count results in your folder using the “Pipes in Pipes” Counting Template.
To make sure you get everything right, follow the steps below:
1. Download the template and check the predefined form
  • 1.1 Home Screen ➜ Go to Template Library
  • 1.2 Search “466” ➜ Press “Get” to download the template ➜ Press “DONE”.
2. Adjust tag sizes to 100%
  • Go to Settings ➜ Open “Tags” menu ➜ Use slider to make the tag size 100% ➜ Press “Save”.

    The size is saved and it won’t be needed to do this action before every count.

3. Start the counting process
  • 3.1 Open the image.
  • 3.2 Go to Form Filler (the arrow on the right side of the screen) ➜ Press “Add New” and select the pipe sizes from dropdown by pressing “+”.
  • 3.3 Save the sizes.
  • 3.4 Press “Count”.
If you want to count a particular area of pipes from your photo, you can define a counting area. For more details consult this guide:
4. Review the counting result
  • 4.1 Convert each tag size individually
    • Go to Form Filler ➜ Select the pipe size you want to change (ex: 75 mm)Press right on the pipe ➜ Select the other pipe size (ex: 110 mm).
  • 4.2 Use the “Multi-Select” tool
    • Enable “Multi-Select” option ➜ Select the pipes that need to change their sizes (ex: 110 mm) ➜ Select the other pipe size (ex: 75 mm).
  • 4.3 Add or delete tags.
    • You can add missing tags by pressing left on the pipe and delete additional tags by pressing right on the pipe.
  • 4.4 Use the “Count Review” button for a more detailed view of your counted photo. In this way, it will be easier for you to correct possible errors. Press on one block at a time for a zoomed-in photo of your selected area.
The Form Filler gives the option to edit all pipe sizes at the same time ➜ Select „Edit All” to enable the function (below the “Show All” option). If it happens to encounter counting errors with some pipes, corrections may be required due to the complexity of the "Counting pipes" template.
5. Save results
  • 5.1 Go to SettingsOpen the “CSV/Export” menu ➜ Check the “Pipes in Pipes” box from the Form Items section ➜ Save.
  • 5.2 Go to Home ScreenSave.
  • 5.3 View your final count results in the CountThingsResults Note that each counting result is saved individually.
This is how you should see the photos with the final counting results in your folders.
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