Count Multiple Layers of Objects

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This material will show you how to count multiple layers of objects that are placed one before another, using only a front side photo.
The Multi-Layer Tool is our solution to combine automatic and manual counting to get the total number of items when they are distributed on multiple rows and columns.
For a better understanding of how to use this tool, we will use as an example a photo containing boxes that are distributed on multiple layers, and the Boxes Counting Template.
1. Download the Counting Template Boxes ID: 130 from Template Library
2. Open a new photo (Use Existing Photo or Take New Photo)
3. In Prepare ScreenCOUNT the photo automatically.
4. In Review Screen ➜ Press Tools ➜ Select Multi-Layer
5. In this step we add the number of layers for our products. There are two ways to work with the Multi-Layer Tool:
A. You can use Single Increment by tapping on the "+" button and then tapping each object individually. Each tap represents another layer added to the object behind the first one.
B. You can use Multi Increment by tapping the Define Area Button. This button will allow you to draw over multiple objects to increase the number of layers behind all of them. After the area is defined, tap the "+"button. Each tap represents another layer added to the objects behind the first ones.
! To continue the Multi Increment process, deselect the Define Area Button and select it again to set a different number of layers.
6. After setting up the number of layers, tap DONE
7. You will be redirected to the Review Screen, but you will notice that the Count Results will be updated with the total number of boxes based on the initial detections and the number of layers set by you. Save your accurate counting result.
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