Measure Diameter for Logs Automatically

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This material will guide you through our Measurement feature, designed to help you automatically receive information about the Diameter of counted logs.
1. Go to Templates Library ➜ Search and Download the Counting Template Logs ID:066
2. After you press "GET", you will be redirected to the Home Screen.
3. From the Home Screen go to SettingsGeneral SettingsMeasurements
4. Select Outer Circle and Based on tag size.
5. Return to the Home Screen and select a new photo to count (for this example, we used the sample photo available in the app).
6. The Prepare Screen will open
! Make sure you have the Measure (Prepare Screen) and Diameter (Review Screen) tools visible in Tools Section, by selecting them in Counting Tools Screen. (The Diameter tool will help us later in the process, in the Review Screen)
Press ToolsCustomize ➜ From Counting Tools Screen select "Measure" and "Diameter" ➜ Press Back
7. Calibration
ToolsMeasure ➜ Manual Calibration
8. Adjust the length bar on the length of the log or of the truck (depending on what length value you have available at the moment of counting), add its value and decide the measurement unit you want to work with, then press Done.
For this example, we are working with the length of the truck, which is 300 centimetres.
9. Tap Count to detect and count the logs.
10. The Review Screen will open
Press Tools an select Diameter. The Diameter for all logs will be shown.
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