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The Form Feature allows you to create and customize your Form by including important details about your counted objects and their results. It’s important to know that this feature is not only useful for exporting counting data to a CSV file, but it also facilitates the automatic addition of supplementary data to Forms, such as GPS coordinates, Volume of products, Total counts, and more.
In order to fully benefit from the Form Feature, we divided this guide into 3 major steps: Saving Configuration, Create & Customize Form, Example.
Saving Configuration
If you would like to have an overview of the saving process, you can find more information in Choose where to save your counting results guide
Home Screen ➜ Settings ➜ Saving & Integration
From WHAT TO SAVE section, you can choose the data you want to store when you press SAVE in our app. In this example, we want to save the Input Photo and the Result Photo. The Data Files are toggled On because we want to generate a Result Data File (CSV File).
From WHERE TO SAVE section, we enabled the Photo Gallery, so we can access the result photo directly from the phone gallery.
For a better management of the counting data, we decided to have the Device Storage and the Cloud Serviced toggled On. By doing this, we are saving our result data locally on our device and also externally using a cloud service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.
! To access the saved results/CSV files on your device, pay attention to the details from Folder Structure. You will see where exactly to find the stored data, or follow the next path on your device:
Internal Storage ➜ Documents ➜ CountThings ➜ The name of your device (ex. S20+)
Create and Customize Form
Home ScreenSettingsForm BuilderWatch the short pop-up video and press Got ItAll FormsNew FormAdd field
Here are all the available Fields you can add on your Form. Scroll down to browse through the available Fields and tap the "+" button to add one in your Form.
+ Dropdown Menu
+ Auto-Increment Numeric Box
+ Barcode List
+GPS Coordinates
+ Type Classification
+ Volume
+ Date Time
+ Total Count
+ Operator Username
As an example, we will create a Form named "Create and Customize Forms" in which we add the following Fields: a Textbox, Date and Time and Total Count.
! Insert a description to all the fields that require it, otherwise you won't be able to use the field in your Form
Press Save to use the Form.
Because we added the Total Count Field, we will count from multiple photos.
Home screenUse Existing Photo or Take New PhotoCountSave
After you Saved the last photo you want to count from, go to Forms.
The Fill out forms Screen will open and you can edit the information if needed. To leave this screen, press Done.
You can access our counted photos in the device Photo Gallery and you will find the CSV file in the internal Device Storage or in the Cloud Service chosen previously.
This is how our Form looks like in CSV format:
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