Find the log files on mobile app

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When encountering an error in CountThings from Photos app, our experts can help fix it by using the log files from your mobile.
Every time you use CountThings from Photos App, your data activity is temporarily stored in the app. If an error occurs while using the app, it will be visible in the log files, and by accessing and sending the files to our support team, we can fix the problem.
It's important to keep in mind that your data activity is updated every time you close the app. Therefore, to detect and troubleshoot any errors, the log files must be accessed on the spot.
To access the log files:
1. From Home Screen ➜ Go to More
2. Choose About option
3.Tap 3 times on the CountThings logo
4. A pop-up named Choose diagnostic test will appear (these are the options to access the log files).
Select Run both tests.
5. After running the tests, the methods to share the log will appear automatically. To receive support from our team, use the preferred email app and send the log to
Para obter mais informações, entre em contato com nossa equipe de suporte em
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