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Brazilian pipe company improves stock control trustability using counting software

Pevesul is producing PVC pipes and fittings,which they provide in several Brazilian states for three markets: constructions, irrigation and infrastructure.

Their first meeting with CountThings came at a time when Pevesul had trouble in maintaining stock control for their business. Manually counting the pipes during the manufacturing process was challenging and they were beginning to lose trust from their partners.

The collaboration with CountThings brought Pevesul several long term benefits, such as: easing the workload on the manufacturing line, keeping the stock tight and in control and ensuring the accuracy of the product count by preventing counting errors.

Vinicius Aquino, our partner from Smart Count in Brazil, spoke with a couple of representatives from Pevesul about their experience with our counting app.

He wanted to know how the manual counting was done and what were some of the specific issues arising from this part of the process.

“We had trouble in maintaining stock control. As the production line operator counted manually the amount of pipes he produced and manually took note. As we know, it is not a trustable method. The biggest problem is the trustability in the stock number.”- Guilherme Rocha, administrative manager

The friendly and straightforward interaction with, CountThings from Photos helped them, in the long term, to develop a better relationship with their clients.

“We use the app to count at the end of the production line, what was actually produced. We take a picture and automatically count on the next day, in order to update and keep the stock control.”- Guilherme Rocha, administrative manager

Matheus Vinicius, who uses the app daily, spoke about the advantages of integrating CountThings from Photos into the workflow:

“It is helping us a lot. We use it not only to count the end of the production line, but also to make sure the loading process, before sending to the client, is correct. By doing that we prevent errors and clients get to receive the correct amount they ordered.”- Matheus Vinicius, PPC assistant

With CountThings from Photos, Pevesul became better on their market while enjoying several benefits:

  • Improved trustability
  • Tight and right stock control by preventing counting errors
  • Time saved by 50%
  • The machine operator now doesn’t have to count manually, which makes his job more comfortable and more focused on one thing only: producing tubes.